Mini-Mini Collet Chuck (MMC)

ACCURACY in small diameter cutting

The Mini-Mini Collet Chuck (MMC) is simply the most effective tool for reduced diameter machining, when confined access or tight spaces can prove problematic.

Designed as a mechanical alternative to both hydraulic and shrink-fit products it features an 8 degree collet and no external nut. This allows the chuck to be not only extremely compact but also provide gripping capabilities and performance characteristics surpassing those of the competitors.

The Mini-Mini is a balanced system offering superior performance and accuracy at up to 30,000rpm (G2.5)

High runout accuracy: within 0.00012" at 4 times the diameter of the cutting tool!

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  • slim, compact nose and front clamping -no nut required
  • easy-to-use draw-in collet clamping pulled by standard side wrench
  • precision ground and pre-balanced for high-speed applications
  • coolant-thru capabilities


  • high precision
  • greater rigidity and precision gripping
  • high concentricity and repeatability


  MMC Collet Chuck
Runout at 4x Diameter 0.00012”
Torque (1/2” shank) 60 N.m
Chucking Capacity 1/2”
Max. Speed(rpm) up to 30,000
Collet Style 8 deg. Long taper with threaded end
Coolant Option thru/jet/collet slots
DIN option yes
3-Lock option
(Dual Contact Spindle)
Noise harmonic vibration low
Taper size available CAT 40, 50,
BT30, 40, 50, straight
HSK40, 63, 100



Slim, Compact Nose and Front Clamping

No collet nut required! An internal draw-in collet clamping mechanism results in strong, high-precision gripping and allows for a slim nose that can access hard to reach areas.











MMC Collet

Because the design features no external nut, the MMC collet is actually drawn from the rear using a 90 degree bevel gear system which allows tightening from the side of the holder. This design negates the requirement to remove the pullstud to actuate the clamping as featured on other similar systems.

MMC collets do not collapse and can be used for non coolant applications as well.

  • MPK4:standard collet: 1.0-4.0mm(1/16-3/32")
  • VMK8: coolant collet: 2.0-10.0mm(1/8-3/8")
  • VMK12: coolant collet: 4.0-12.0mm(3/16-1/2")