Static and Live Tooling for DMG Mori Machines

DMG Mori NL, NZ, NT and DuraTurn Series Lathes


Designed and manufactured directly with Mori-Seiki engineers in Japan, our live tools have features and benefits still unmatched by the competition. Gears, bearings, seals, every part is built to provide the highest accuracy, rigidity and stability.

Lyndex-Nikken is a member of the DMG Mori Qualified Products Program which ensures that peripheral equipment used on their lathes and machining centers is consistent both in terms of quality and performance.

Features and Technology

Protective Labyrinth Seals

  • provide a high-pressure multi-barrier construction that prevents contaminants and coolant from entering the main chamber.

Gears for Stability

  • Gear pairing: hand-matched for each pair to minimize backlash
  • Gear design: custom ground spiral bevel gear tooth design maximizes drive torque output and reduces tooth root stress allowing for more tool longevity
  • Gear equilibrium: placement of bearings balance torque stress evenly through input/output shafts

Ground Eccentric Bearing Nut

  • allows for fine accuracy and strong tool shank gripping capacity by preventing collet twisting or rocking
  • runout guarantee of under 5 microns repeatability at collet nose