Quick Tip StillIn machining, quality tooling is not only a necessity to achieve efficient manufacturing, but can also become an added cost when used unproductively. In this Quick Tip, we would like to show how simple efforts made toward cleaning can grossly improve the performance and longevity of your cutting tools.

Clean Your Holders
Your Shrink Fit Holders are designed to be heated and cooled on a continual basis. However, build up can occur when the holders are not cleaned properly. To ensure accuracy during cutting applications, clean the bore of your toolholder with a brass brush after every heating cycle. The clean surface area allows for the maximum contact between the shrink fit bore and the cutting tool shank, optimizing gripping force and minimizing run out.

Below is a Lyndex-Nikken Quick Tip tutorial showing how easy it is to clean and maintain your shrink-fit toolholders. The Lyndex-Nikken Toolholder used in this video was heated and cooled over 100 times. This shows you with the proper care, you too can get extended use from your shrink fit toolholders.