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26 June3 Tips to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing: Part 1

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3 Tips to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing – Part 1

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, 2.7 million manufacturer workers are expected to retire in the next 8 years.  The massive exit of the Baby Boomer generation, coupled with the lack of interest by Millennials, is predicted to leave 2-million unfilled manufacturing jobs. In order to keep the US Manufacturing Industry thriving, it will be crucial to attract a new generation of workers.  Since this will impact the manufacturing community as a whole, at Lyndex-Nikken, we wanted to pass this information forward.  In this 3-part series, we are sharing the top ways to attract Millennials and grow your business:

Show me the Challenge?
Unlike Cuba Gooding Jr’s character from the movie Jerry Maguire, Millennials are not motivated by money alone.   Receiving a competitive salary for your work is important, but Millennials are also attracted to new challenges.  According to the “No Collar Study”, conducted by MTV in 2012, Millennials want to learn new skills and experiences that add value to their overall skill set.  At Lyndex-Nikken, we created a training program which rotates our sales associates to various departments to learn how that department runs efficiently.  The objective is to make sure our sales associates are knowledgeable and prepared to provide the best solution to our customer’s tooling needs.  It will be important to spend time creating training workshops and tutorials to keep the culture of learning continuous.

Inspiration Elevation
When running for election, politicians know voters have to be inspired in order for them to get elected.  The study also determined Millennials need to be motivated as well.  Millennials want to work for brands they believe in.  They are inspired by work that is “meaningful” and “makes a difference”.  It will be crucial for brands to adopt a constant philanthropic mission to speak directly to this “cause” minded demographic.

The Now Generation
Let’s face it, technology has made everyone’s desire for rapid information increase.  We like our web browsers, cars and apps to run at high-speeds and Millennials are the product of this new “now” approach.  As a result, Millennials like immediate results and require feedback on their work.   It will be essential to restructure the typical 6-month or annual review schedule to accommodate your new work force.

These insights will be valuable for all businesses but especially the manufacturing industry.  Please share, like and subscribe to our social media channels so you don’t miss part 2 of this series.

19 JuneMeet the Team – Blake

Blake pic_sports3Meet Blake. He is one of our Regional Sales Associates from the Chicagoland area. Blake joined the Lyndex-Nikken team almost two years ago. He started in our Associate Training Program, where he was taught every aspect of our product line. Blake rotated from Shipping to Service and now to Sales and he is prepared to provide the best solution to our customer’s tooling needs. We asked him what he likes most about working at Lyndex-Nikken and he answered, “The people I work with and the close knit team. I really enjoy the company get-togethers”. Currently, he is traveling around the Chicagoland area providing sales solutions for every tooling application.

When Blake is not helping our customers, you can catch him at a live sporting event. When asked how he became so interested in sports, he said, “Growing up I was infatuated with sports. When I peaked as an athlete at 13 years old, I started to follow sports religiously. Ask me anything about sports and I’ll likely know the answers. College football is my favorite sport to follow. I’m a huge University of Michigan Wolverines fan and I love the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears, and whatever team LeBron James is on.”

We asked Blake, “What is a little known fact about you?” He revealed he has never tried chewing gum before. How interesting is that?! If you happen to see Blake working in your area, don’t hesitate to test him on his sports trivia and for laughs, offer him a piece of gum!

12 JuneWhy our new Haas Machines rock!

Happy Friday! Nothing smells better than the scent of fresh cut 1040-Steel in the morning. Ok, maybe not, but at Lyndex-Nikken we are excited to do cutting demos on our new HAAS Machines!

Blog pic 3Whoever says size doesn’t matter is lying! We upgraded from our older machine to the new Haas VF-4 and Haas 20 SSY Turning Centers. We chose the VF-4 because we carry rotary tables in a variety of sizes. We needed a vertical mill with a bigger table that can hold our large rotary tables. The extra travel room helps us to run cutting demonstrations we weren’t able to before. This essentially helps us better serve our customers by being able to suggest the perfect toolholders, chucks and rotary table for their specific machining needs.


Blog pic 1We chose the 20 SSY because we desired to serve our customers more effectively. Sometimes we receive request for modifications from our customers. Our old machine was limited in its capabilities. Now, when our customers have modification requests we have the necessary tools to fulfill them with ease. The 20 SSY lathe is also perfect for testing our new product lines. Our new line of Howa Power Chucks and Mimatic Static and Live Tooling are a great fit for the lathe.


We like to improve wherever possible and our tutorials are no exception. Our new machines allow us to provide superior training through our Lyndex-Nikken Media Channel on YouTube. Our subscribers will be seeing new and improved “How To” video tutorials and demonstrations on our new HAAS Mill and Lathe. This allows us to keep our customers current on topics, such as, step by step instructional videos, tooling maintenance, test cut demonstrations and promotional packages of all Lyndex-Nikken Products and Services.

If you can’t tell by now, we are really excited for what’s to come. We have filled up the turret in our new lathe and we are ready to work! Take a look at our 3D Anglehead Video shot in our new HAAS VF-4. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more of our products in action!

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5 JuneHelping The Community: Lyndex Nikken Investing in the Future of Manufacturing



Lyndex-Nikken has joined forces with the students of Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School in Chetek, Wisconsin by donating to their Technology and Engineering Program. This program gives high school students early exposure to the Industrial Engineering Profession. Bob Morehead, the teacher over the program said, “33 percent of students that graduate from high school are not exploring any other future education.” By partnering with local technical colleges, his goal is to change that statistic; by providing students with an opportunity to see the many high-paying career opportunities within the Industrial Manufacturing field of study.

Craig Schepers with Teacher, Bob Morehead, accepting the tools donated from Lyndex-Nikken.

Craig Schepers with Teacher, Bob Morehead, accepting the tools donated from Lyndex-Nikken.

After the school board approved the purchase of a new Haas CNC Mill, Bob began working closely with local companies to promote machining programs within the local high school curriculum. When Bob reached out to Lyndex-Nikken about the program, we were happy to help. By donating CAT40 Toolholders, collet sets and accessories, the students now have the tools they need to learn on their new machine.

Craig Schepers, Regional Sales Representative in the Wisconsin area, hand delivered all the tools to Bob and his students at Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School.

Lyndex-Nikken would like to thank Bob and Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School for the opportunity to be a part of such an innovative program for students. We are happy to help community schools by exposing students to hands-on education in manufacturing and possibly developing the future leaders of our industry.

Lyndex Nikken and Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School are investing in the future of manufacturing.

Lyndex Nikken and Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School are investing in the future of manufacturing.