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Monthly Archives: July 2015

24 JulyMillennials in Manufacturing: Part 2

Part 2 with text_FeatureIn Part 1 of our series about Millennials in manufacturing, we talked about the characteristics of a millennial and how manufacturers might appeal to them to fill manufacturing jobs. In Part 2, we are continuing this discussion.

To recap, Millennials are people born between the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Some have said the future of manufacturing depends on the millennial generation. Reason being, by 2025 they will make up 75 percent of the United States workforce.

In order to keep the US Manufacturing Industry thriving, it will be vital to attract a new generation of workers. Since this will impact the manufacturing community as a whole, at Lyndex-Nikken, we are sharing this part 2 on how to attract Millennials and grow your business:

No Code Dress Code
Gone are the days of the formal dress code being the standard attire in the workplace. Some industries, such as legal and finance, have maintained their suit and tie appearance. However, business casual and relaxed casual dress codes are becoming more popular. Some may consider most manufacturing jobs to have somewhat of a casual dress code. At Lyndex-Nikken, we have a business casual dress code and a “Casual Friday’” at the end of the week. This is a great incentive for Millennials to consider the manufacturing industry. In the “No Collar” Study conducted by MTV, 79% of Millennials think they should be allowed to wear jeans to work compared to only 60% of the working Baby Boomer Generation. Reason being, Millennials feel they are more productive when they are allowed to dress in a way that makes them comfortable.

Bye-Bye 9 to 5
More and more businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely. According to the MTV study, this is something Millennials feel very strongly about. Research shows 81% of Millennials believe they should be allowed to make their own hours at work. According to Millennials, as long as the work is done on time, the amount of time spent in the office shouldn’t matter. The big question is, is this possible for the manufacturing industry? The majority of jobs in manufacturing require workers to be present during business hours. At Lyndex-Nikken, we have traditional hours of operation. Our regional sales team work remotely but rarely, do our office employees work from home. This may deter some Millennials from applying to manufacturing jobs. However, it’s also a natural process of elimination for the desired millennial you want to hire.

These insights will be valuable for all businesses but especially the manufacturing industry. Please share, like and subscribe to our social media channels so you don’t miss our final installment of this series.

17 JulyQuick Tip: How a Small Maintenance Trick for Shrink Fit Toolholders Can Save Big Money!

Quick Tip StillIn machining, quality tooling is not only a necessity to achieve efficient manufacturing, but can also become an added cost when used unproductively. In this Quick Tip, we would like to show how simple efforts made toward cleaning can grossly improve the performance and longevity of your cutting tools.

Clean Your Holders
Your Shrink Fit Holders are designed to be heated and cooled on a continual basis. However, build up can occur when the holders are not cleaned properly. To ensure accuracy during cutting applications, clean the bore of your toolholder with a brass brush after every heating cycle. The clean surface area allows for the maximum contact between the shrink fit bore and the cutting tool shank, optimizing gripping force and minimizing run out.

Below is a Lyndex-Nikken Quick Tip tutorial showing how easy it is to clean and maintain your shrink-fit toolholders. The Lyndex-Nikken Toolholder used in this video was heated and cooled over 100 times. This shows you with the proper care, you too can get extended use from your shrink fit toolholders.

10 JulyMeet the Team – Sam

Sam- Main picMeet Sam. He is an Engineer from Nikken Japan. His visit stems from Nikken and Lyndex Nikken’s commitment toward continuous improvement. To assure a consistent global standard of excellence for service and repair, he has been training our Rotary Table Service Team in the processes and methodology of the assembly line in Japan. Simple improvements such as organizing hand tools to be readily available, planning and preparing the parts required for repair, and implementing different diagnostic strategies have all helped reduce our service turnaround time.

When asked what he likes most about working at Lyndex-Nikken and he answered, “The people. Since arriving to America I have met very nice people. I work really closely with the Technical Department and they are all so friendly to me. It makes coming to work every day very enjoyable.” During the experience at Lyndex-Nikken, Sam has grown to enjoy teaching and wants to continue teaching others how to service Nikken rotary tables in countries around the world.

When Sam is not servicing rotary tables for our customers, he is an avid biker (motorcyclist), and loves to ride in his leisure time. When asked how he became a motorcycle enthusiast, he said, “In Japan, I am a part of the Nikken Motorcycle Club. All the employees, from technicians to management get together and we ride our motorcycles together. It’s really fun.” He also enjoys shopping. Sam’s daughter lives in Japan, and she loves receiving care-packages full of trendy clothing from her father.

We asked Sam, “What is a little known fact about you?” He revealed he is a certified skiing instructor. Japan has beautiful ski resorts, and he loves skiing so much, he wanted to share that joy with newcomers. Something tells me, he will enjoy the winters in Chicago!