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Monthly Archives: February 2016

25 FebruaryEmployee Spotlight: Meet Amira

At Lyndex-Nikken, we value our employees and their ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the highest level of service. With over 35 years of business, we understand our achievements would not have been possible without our employees’ hard work. Therefore, in this Lyndex-Nikken Employee Spotlight vlog series, we are highlighting our team and their commitment to excellence.

This week we have the spotlight on Amira. She is our Service Specialist. She brings a lot to our Service and Engineering department and we are happy to have her helping service our customers. Watch the video to hear what Amira thinks about working at Lyndex-Nikken.


19 February3 Keys Your Employee Training Needs Immediately


There is only one word that can make your employees giddy while simultaneously terrifying Human Resources— TRAINING. Why you ask? It’s usually because employee training isn’t cheap. It can cost a pretty penny to hire consultants to train your employees. At the same time, taking your employees off the job to be trained is costly too. That said, the positives of training definitely out way the negatives. Having well trained staff that are knowledgeable and excited about their work is worth every dollar spent. So far at Lyndex-Nikken, here’s a few points we’ve focused on that have boosted the skill, pride and ambition of our team.

Cross Training

In the military, if the Staff Sgt. who is responsible for a specific and critical skill is injured, the mission is not automatically aborted. Reason being, everyone is cross trained on multiple jobs. Depending on the size of your company, you may need your employees to step into multiple roles. Cross-training is the way to make sure your employees are more likely to take initiative in times of need by performing jobs they may not otherwise have been trained for. Using our cross training approach at Lyndex-Nikken where we coach our sales team to service rotary tables and live tools has not only expedited the means which we qualify, service, and support customer’s service needs, but also has helped develop better sales skills. The knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of our rotary tables and live tools has helped answer customer application questions on a much deeper and technical aspect.

Company Pride

Do your employees know your company mission statement or even the values behind your brand? This may sound like a redundant question but you would be surprised how many of your employees don’t know the answer. It’s a very common occurrence but it’s usually due to the company not training their new-hires properly. You cannot forget to train your employees on what your company stands for. When your staff has a better understanding of how their role affects the company overall, they will transform into an ambassador for the brand. Managers must develop a consistent and clear philosophy for work ethic and company culture, and dedicate everyday for everyone, including themselves, to abide to strictly.  At Lyndex-Nikken, we value the transparency our president provides us. It makes us feel we’re part of something greater than ourselves.  Everything from the company’s financial health, sales of our rotary tables, live tools, toolholders, angle heads, which team did an extraordinary task, announcing new hires, and any changes in direction with business strategy are announced to everyone, from people in our Warehouse Team to the Accounting Team, every month.

Fear of Failure

Nobody likes to fail; especially, on the job. However, the fear of failure can be eliminated during the employee training stage. Creating a company culture that encourages trial and error, helps your staff be their best. At Lyndex-Nikken, we implemented a company-wide initiative dedicated to improvement. All new-hires, interns and staff are encouraged to share their ideas on areas where we can improve the company overall. Since implementation, it has been well received by all and extremely successful. Creating an environment where your employees are comfortable sharing ideas makes them want to reach for the stars. This will only help you company.

11 FebruaryWe Just Joined Instagram – Here’s why You Should too.

Instagram went from being your teenager’s favorite app to emerging into a legitimate social-networking site with tons of opportunity for business.  Research by ComScore shows, 34% of US internet users are now on Instagram. These users spend approximately 12 billion minutes on Instagram every month. This is huge for businesses looking to expand their reach in terms of audience penetration.

Visual Content

If content is king then visual content is the crown sitting on its head. Pictures and videos are a definite must have on social media. It’s literately the heartbeat keeping Instagram going. However, visual content isn’t only popular on Instagram.  Images and video are popular on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. If your business is on other social platforms, use your Instagram images as content for your other social pages. By linking your Instagram account to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr pages, you can simultaneously post new content to all platforms with one click.

Talent Recruitment

Instagram is a huge platform that can be used for many things, including recruiting for staffing positions. LinkedIn recently conducted a survey on its members. It showed 70 percent of the people following a company’s LinkedIn profile are also interested in working for that company.  Millennials (adults under 35) make up 50 percent of today’s work force. This demographic also make up 90 percent of Instagram users. So, you do the math. Instagram is a goldmine when looking for Millennials to fill your positions. This demographic cares deeply about whom they work for. They will take less pay to be at a business with good company culture and flexibility. In case you missed it, here is our 3-part series on Tips to Attract Millennials.  So, if your company has a great employment culture, start working in pictures to show your followers.

Product Promotion

Everything is promoted on Instagram. Businesses who specialize in clothing, jewelry and even food prep, all promote their goods and services on Instagram. Due to its fast popularity and growth, some are calling Instagram, “The World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool.” You may be asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Use pictures of your products to establish a relationship with your follower. Then encourage your customers to tag you in any posts showing your product. Next repost customers using your products. This builds trust with your followers. Lastly, promote any sales like BOGO deals for your products on your Instagram page with a call to action.

If you’re not on Instagram, hopefully you’ll join us soon.  If you are on Instagram, please follow us @lyndexnikken.

4 February3 Ways Big Data can help the Manufacturing Industry


Big data has purpose in just about every industry. Tech, healthcare, retail and even government all use big data in some form.  Any industry that can analyze data to gain more insight about their operations can improve their production cost, quality and increase efficiency.  Here are 3 ways big data can improve the manufacturing industry:


risk_measurement_400_clr_5483Analyzing Risk

Some manufacturers are using big data to reduce risk in delivery, regardless of what may happen in the chain of supply. Using big data analytics, companies have access to information to adjust for potential delays.  Statistics on seasonal purchasing patterns and other predictive analytics allow companies to calculate any possible delays for delivery to and from their supplier.  At Lyndex-Nikken, we use this kind of preventative analytics to make sure we carry sufficient inventory for rotary table, toolholders and other machine tool accessories such as live tools, angle heads, and collets.  Identifying probable risk helps manufacturers develop contingency plans to make sure production will not be interrupted by any act of nature.


Profitable Products

Knowing the capabilities and condition of your equipment is crucial in manufacturing. Often times, designing custom accessories is necessary to provide greater productivity when compared to standard products. Lyndex Nikken and its parent company Nikken use data analytics to discover which specialized products should become standard items.  This information helps develop new equipment that satisfies the changing manufacturing landscape.


Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

Using big data for predictive analytics, manufacturers are able to significantly reduce the number of tests required for quality assurance. Some tech manufacturers have seen improvements from analyzing the data from their product testing.  Big data helped to adjust their manufacturing process to cut down repetitive test time and focus on specific quality testing.  This improved their overall production time.  As a result, some tech manufacturers have seen a savings up to $3 million in manufacturing costs.