Being a part of the American workforce means you probably spend most of your time at work. That said, it is important to enjoy your working environment. Some people may think a good work environment is a ping-pong table in the break room or an open bar happy hour every Friday. To some it is, but in reality, it takes much more than that. There are many ways to improve your company culture that do not involve getting a liquor license. To help, here are 2 ways to manufacture a good working environment:

Open Communication

Having open communication between staff and management is extremely important to the culture of any business. The first step of opening the lines of communication is receiving feedback from staff. Some businesses may see receiving feedback from staff as a negative. However, it’s a great opportunity for the company to improve and grow. Besides, who better to give feedback than the people you employ to represent the company? Sharing feedback tells staff their input matters and that improves every working environment.

At Lyndex-Nikken, we adopted a way for our employees to give feedback as well as make suggestions to management. Through Google Forms we created a digital “suggestion box”, where our staff can make suggestions for company improvement while remaining totally anonymous. Since its introduction, we have received feedback and suggestions we have put in implementation. The digital suggestion box has not only increased staff productivity, it has encouraged positive thinking within the company.

Sharing Encouragement

It is important to remember your team. Yes, your staff is there to do a job but it is not hard to introduce random acts of encouragement while maintaining professionalism. Recognizing staff’s birthdays are small steps for the company but big steps for the company culture. There are many ways to share encouragement. Recently, the management team at Lyndex-Nikken reserved a food truck and sponsored lunch for the company.   Actions like this will encourage and motivate your staff to do their best.