“Here at Phillips-Medisize Magnesium Molding facility we have been a long time buyer of Lyndex-Nikken products. We couldn’t imagine buying from anyone else. Your products have helped us increase production and decrease scrap rates. I am the Lead CNC specialist at this facility and I’d like to personally share some testimonials on how we use Lyndex-Nikken products.10

First let me give you a background of what we do here at Mag Molding. We are the largest magnesium injection molding facility in the nation with 9 thixomolding machines ranging from 220 to 850 metric tons. Magnesium injection molding is a single-step, semi-solid molding process that combines the best of plastic injection molding and die-casting. Chips of magnesium alloy are fed into a heated screw and barrel where the alloy is thermally and mechanically processed into a semi-solid state and is injected directly into the mold cavity. In contrast to the higher temperatures necessary for die-casting, magnesium injection molded components are processed at temperatures 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. The resulting semi-solid properties allow the metal alloys to flow like a thermoplastic in a more controlled, laminar-like flow. The magnesium molding process delivers net-shaped components with many inherent benefits including:

  • Superior strength-to-weight ratios
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Better straightness and flatness
  • Heat dissipation
  • Low porosity
  • Tighter tolerances, which may reduce or eliminate some secondary machining operations
  • Longer mold life
  • Wall sections thinner than die casting can achieve.


Lyndex-Nikken comes into play with our secondary machining operations. We run our machines 24 hours, 5 days a week because of lot sizes so cycle time is important to keep on schedule.


One product that we make here is paddle shifters for GM vehicles. We run hundreds of thousands of these paddles every year, both left and right versions. The machining involved in these is removing the gates all along the outside of a very complex profile and to drill/ream a hole with a small position tolerance. We struggled with these for a long time until we purchased some Nikken CNCZ 180 rotaries. These alone with a table and an A frame at the end have allowed us to machine multiple parts at a time on our swing pallet changer machine. This allows us to rotate the part as the cutter is following the part contour allowing us to remove all of the gate material and achieve the finish we need. We then rotate the part 90 degrees and drill the hole. The precision that these rotaries have allows us to not only hold tight tolerances but to hold them while running the cutters a maximum speed. We have decreased our cycle time so much that we have opened up 1/3 of a year machine time to run other projects when this machine used to be dedicated to running only these paddles. These precision rotaries have also helped us reduce scrap rate to under 3% over the course of one year and hundreds of thousands of parts.

All our machines are BT30 taper tools and smaller machines. We machine the magnesium parts dry because it is very flammable and the oxygen in coolant will actually make a fire larger. We run the machines very fast because of the softness of the material. This means our tooling and tool holders need to be top of the line. Lyndex-Nikken holders have this precision needed to eliminate chatter and runout while machining. What really solidified our choice to stick with Lyndex-Nikken holders was the fact that they were one of the few companies that makes a BT30 taper holder with a 1.00” side lock end mill holder. It is hard to find these because of the small taper. It is also hard to find inserted tooling with smaller than a 1.00” shaft. These holders allow us to run larger cutters allowing shorter cycle times and higher productivity.

We are excited about any new products, we thank you for the hard work and look forward to future business!”



Aaron Joos: Lead CNC Specialist, Phillips-Medisize