Have you fallen in love with a brand? You use their products all the time, you love the way it performs and you purchase more. You keep this love affair going by finding their brand’s social pages. Naturally, you go to follow them but you notice they haven’t posted since 2011. Insert sad face here______. There is nothing worse than seeing your favorite brand not keeping up with the times. I don’t wish that deflated feeling on anyone. Truly, with the demographic of consumers becoming younger, it’s imperative to keep your social sites updated. To help, here are 4 tips on how to improve your social media.


Social Staffing

The purpose of being on social media is to engage with your followers. Having one post per year on your Facebook page may not seem like much to you. However, your followers may see this as uncool or even lazy. Especially, if they are using it to ask questions and waiting on a response. To solve this issue, some companies have dedicated an employee who can set aside a sizable portion of their time to managing the company’s social media pages. Running a social media campaign is easily a full-time job requiring research, content creation and graphic design, while responding to comments/tweets. This is truly the best option to keeping your social media channels updated and your voice consistent. Here at Lyndex Nikken, we strive to engage with our customers not only to provide a helping hand with any questions or concerns about service for live tools, rotary tables, right angle heads or toolholders, but also to give high fives for customers that post application pictures using Lyndex Nikken products.


Find Your Customers

It seems like every day there is a new social media site emerging. The thought of having to manage 20 different social pages sounds like a nightmare to most. Besides hiring a social media manager (see above) one thing you can do is narrow the list of social sites down. You do this by finding out where your customers are. Are your customers more on Twitter than Facebook? If they are, it may be time to beef up your tweets with some engaging content. Finding which platform best suits your business is tricky, but a crucial step in the right direction. Social Media has been a true blessing for Lyndex Nikken. It’s a great platform for us to listen to customers, launch new products, and market to customers that are geared specifically to certain products.


Hashtag It

Piggybacking off finding your customers, some of you may be wondering “how do I know which social site my customers frequent?” The answer can be found in the hashtag. Some of you may remember it as the pound sign; it had a make-over. People use the hashtag as a locater for others to find their posts about a specific topic. For instance, if we wanted to find out what people were saying about our rotary tables, we would search twitter with the hashtag #nikkenrotarytable. There, we would find a community of customers talking about their Lyndex-Nikken Rotary Table. You can do it too. Search your brand in the hashtags and see what you find.


Make it Personal

One of the biggest mistakes for companies is making their social media presence too corporate. Some of your followers may find it to be cold and unfriendly. Others will just find it boring. Stop this before it starts by taking the personal approach. Use simple and engaging language to deliver your message and display your brand essence to your followers. As much as Lyndex Nikken appreciates the following and support for live tools, rotary tables, toolholders and angle heads we provide for the manufacturing industry, our goal is for customers to see the people behind the products. We hope the sincerity and professionalism we provide will further earn your business.