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25 MarchNikken Brings Innovation to the United Kingdom

In February 2016, Nikken UK opened a new innovation center. It is the first of its kind for the Nikken brand in the United Kingdom. The Nikken subsidiary offers customers a wide variety of technological advancements. Including, CNC machines and Nikken products; such as rotary tables and tooling solutions. The 3-day grand opening allowed customers to get a close and in-depth look at the facility sprawling over 15,000 square ft. The new building was completed in December and will be the launching pad for the new Nikken marketing approach.

Nikken UK Office - Inside Machines

Tony Bowlett, the Group Managing Director of Nikken Europe said, “Customers are unlikely to buy our machine accessories from us if we just hand them a catalogue”. Bowkett explains, “They want to know how our products can make their processes stronger, better and more efficient by seeing how they work on a machine platform they might have in their factory, machining the materials they use, making the same components, with the same cutting tools.

Being a part of the Nikken family, we are very proud of our parent company’s engineering heritage. Since being founded in 1958 by Masakazu Matsumoto, Nikken is famed for developing milling chucks and carbide worm gear designed specifically for our CNC rotary tables to reduce friction. Currently, holding 369 patents, Nikken places particular importance on the heat treatments and material technologies used in our chucks and other products to ensure constant, stable and reliable operation. From machines in automotive production lines to medical manufacturing, we try to make sure the Nikken name is synonymous with high-speed and reliability.

Nikken UK Office - Leadership Team

We at Lyndex-Nikken, welcome the opening of the Nikken UK Innovation Center and look forward to seeing this model replicated globally to attract more potential customers from around the world.

19 February3 Keys Your Employee Training Needs Immediately


There is only one word that can make your employees giddy while simultaneously terrifying Human Resources— TRAINING. Why you ask? It’s usually because employee training isn’t cheap. It can cost a pretty penny to hire consultants to train your employees. At the same time, taking your employees off the job to be trained is costly too. That said, the positives of training definitely out way the negatives. Having well trained staff that are knowledgeable and excited about their work is worth every dollar spent. So far at Lyndex-Nikken, here’s a few points we’ve focused on that have boosted the skill, pride and ambition of our team.

Cross Training

In the military, if the Staff Sgt. who is responsible for a specific and critical skill is injured, the mission is not automatically aborted. Reason being, everyone is cross trained on multiple jobs. Depending on the size of your company, you may need your employees to step into multiple roles. Cross-training is the way to make sure your employees are more likely to take initiative in times of need by performing jobs they may not otherwise have been trained for. Using our cross training approach at Lyndex-Nikken where we coach our sales team to service rotary tables and live tools has not only expedited the means which we qualify, service, and support customer’s service needs, but also has helped develop better sales skills. The knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of our rotary tables and live tools has helped answer customer application questions on a much deeper and technical aspect.

Company Pride

Do your employees know your company mission statement or even the values behind your brand? This may sound like a redundant question but you would be surprised how many of your employees don’t know the answer. It’s a very common occurrence but it’s usually due to the company not training their new-hires properly. You cannot forget to train your employees on what your company stands for. When your staff has a better understanding of how their role affects the company overall, they will transform into an ambassador for the brand. Managers must develop a consistent and clear philosophy for work ethic and company culture, and dedicate everyday for everyone, including themselves, to abide to strictly.  At Lyndex-Nikken, we value the transparency our president provides us. It makes us feel we’re part of something greater than ourselves.  Everything from the company’s financial health, sales of our rotary tables, live tools, toolholders, angle heads, which team did an extraordinary task, announcing new hires, and any changes in direction with business strategy are announced to everyone, from people in our Warehouse Team to the Accounting Team, every month.

Fear of Failure

Nobody likes to fail; especially, on the job. However, the fear of failure can be eliminated during the employee training stage. Creating a company culture that encourages trial and error, helps your staff be their best. At Lyndex-Nikken, we implemented a company-wide initiative dedicated to improvement. All new-hires, interns and staff are encouraged to share their ideas on areas where we can improve the company overall. Since implementation, it has been well received by all and extremely successful. Creating an environment where your employees are comfortable sharing ideas makes them want to reach for the stars. This will only help you company.

12 JuneWhy our new Haas Machines rock!

Happy Friday! Nothing smells better than the scent of fresh cut 1040-Steel in the morning. Ok, maybe not, but at Lyndex-Nikken we are excited to do cutting demos on our new HAAS Machines!

Blog pic 3Whoever says size doesn’t matter is lying! We upgraded from our older machine to the new Haas VF-4 and Haas 20 SSY Turning Centers. We chose the VF-4 because we carry rotary tables in a variety of sizes. We needed a vertical mill with a bigger table that can hold our large rotary tables. The extra travel room helps us to run cutting demonstrations we weren’t able to before. This essentially helps us better serve our customers by being able to suggest the perfect toolholders, chucks and rotary table for their specific machining needs.


Blog pic 1We chose the 20 SSY because we desired to serve our customers more effectively. Sometimes we receive request for modifications from our customers. Our old machine was limited in its capabilities. Now, when our customers have modification requests we have the necessary tools to fulfill them with ease. The 20 SSY lathe is also perfect for testing our new product lines. Our new line of Howa Power Chucks and Mimatic Static and Live Tooling are a great fit for the lathe.


We like to improve wherever possible and our tutorials are no exception. Our new machines allow us to provide superior training through our Lyndex-Nikken Media Channel on YouTube. Our subscribers will be seeing new and improved “How To” video tutorials and demonstrations on our new HAAS Mill and Lathe. This allows us to keep our customers current on topics, such as, step by step instructional videos, tooling maintenance, test cut demonstrations and promotional packages of all Lyndex-Nikken Products and Services.

If you can’t tell by now, we are really excited for what’s to come. We have filled up the turret in our new lathe and we are ready to work! Take a look at our 3D Anglehead Video shot in our new HAAS VF-4. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more of our products in action!

Blog pic 2