In February 2016, Nikken UK opened a new innovation center. It is the first of its kind for the Nikken brand in the United Kingdom. The Nikken subsidiary offers customers a wide variety of technological advancements. Including, CNC machines and Nikken products; such as rotary tables and tooling solutions. The 3-day grand opening allowed customers to get a close and in-depth look at the facility sprawling over 15,000 square ft. The new building was completed in December and will be the launching pad for the new Nikken marketing approach.

Nikken UK Office - Inside Machines

Tony Bowlett, the Group Managing Director of Nikken Europe said, “Customers are unlikely to buy our machine accessories from us if we just hand them a catalogue”. Bowkett explains, “They want to know how our products can make their processes stronger, better and more efficient by seeing how they work on a machine platform they might have in their factory, machining the materials they use, making the same components, with the same cutting tools.

Being a part of the Nikken family, we are very proud of our parent company’s engineering heritage. Since being founded in 1958 by Masakazu Matsumoto, Nikken is famed for developing milling chucks and carbide worm gear designed specifically for our CNC rotary tables to reduce friction. Currently, holding 369 patents, Nikken places particular importance on the heat treatments and material technologies used in our chucks and other products to ensure constant, stable and reliable operation. From machines in automotive production lines to medical manufacturing, we try to make sure the Nikken name is synonymous with high-speed and reliability.

Nikken UK Office - Leadership Team

We at Lyndex-Nikken, welcome the opening of the Nikken UK Innovation Center and look forward to seeing this model replicated globally to attract more potential customers from around the world.